Cozaar (Losartan)
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Product description: Cozaar belongs to angiotensin II receptor blockers and is used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension) and to lower the risk of stroke.
Active Ingredient: Losartan
Cozaar as known as: Sortiva, Ozarium, Losatan, Osartil, Lotan, Insaar, Losap, Tacardia, Losa, Klosartan, Losarb, Lifezar, Losagen, Larb, Losacor, Anreb, Losan d, Aratan, Sarilen, Combizard, Corodin, Cosart, Fortzaar, Osartan hz, Biortan, Faxiven, Angioten, Hilos, Sartaxal, Loctenk, Losar, Losarquilab, Prosan, Xartan, Lostad, Tanlozid, Satoren, Sedeten, Sartens, Losavik, Tensartan, Losar-q, Sanipresin, Zaart, Losalet, Myotan, Cormac, Losapres, Fensartan, Cardizaar, Ara ii, Temisartan, Loplac, Losatrix, Repace, Lyosan, Losartil, Angilock, Lozar, Portiron, Losacor plus, Lohyp, Covance, Losart, Lopo, Niten, Cardzaar, Losardil, Sortal, Losadrac, Lozitan, Hizaar, Tensiohess, Lotar, Losartec, Larb plus, Lostan, Normatens, Angizaar, Losacar, Losartax, Hypozar, Rosatan, Lozatan, Eklips, Rasertan, Simperten, Gitox, Losadel, Co-losar, Lacine, Ranlozar, Losartic, Lostankal, Forzaar, Sarvas, Tarnasol, Tiasar, Anreb plus, Cardoplus, Stadazar, Nefrotal, Lospre, Loben, Ostan, Lara, Mozartan, Ocsaar, Losium, Los-arb, Losartanum, Lopernal, Cardon, Cartan, Lorista, Tozaar, Arapres, Neo lotan, Maxartan, Prelow, Czartan, Osartan, Giovax, Losardil plus, Losargamma, Araten, Zartan, Tensaar, Logika, Rasoltan, Cozaarex, Lavestra, Loxibin, Vilbinitan, Osartil plus, Psycholanz, Losan, Acetensa, Losapot, Loortan, Lopress, Losartas, Sarlo, Enromic, Asart, Losaprex, Sarvastan, Sarve, Medzar, Losazid, Nu-lotan, Losart plus, Losazide, Etan, Losachlor, Lepitrin, Lotim, Lakea, Corus, Aralo x, Cozzar, Lozap, Losamet, Resilo, Angibloc, Tacicul

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