Male Sex Chewing Gum (Super Lover) (Herbal extracts)
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Product description: Super Lover is a chewing gum for men enhances sexual stamina, enhances sexual pleasure, prolongs time of sexual activity, has a long-term effect.
Active Ingredient: Herbal extracts
Male Sex Chewing Gum (Super Lover) as known as:

Male sex chewing gum (super lover) discontinued

Beast when it comes to projection and longetivity, too bad it is not that good in quality. It doesnt just smell synthetic all over it, it sdoesnt even smell half of the ingredients mentioned there, i can only smell cinnamon, some spices and sweet notes, with a little citrus in the opening. I wear this on my skin, under clothing. I desire approximately was sundry severe message included, with regard to balance it out. It represents power, wealth, luxury, durability. And it somehow manages to keep its freshness, too, keeping the airy quality. I wear for party, night dinner. Sweet and spicy, very long lasting. I think it can chewing as aromatherapy, for relaxation. Cinnamon and citrus open this up, cloying in warm weather but surprisingly fresh in winter. The blood mandarin is nice, a little bit addictive. I still, however have the aftershave. A pretty fragrance, with a modern, not too complex character, easy going and quite sexy, longevity okay but others have better staying power. Very good for a night out due to the powerful combination of cinnamon, leather, amber and rose in the heart and bottom notes. But as months passed i discovered that a few of my mates had bought this fragrance and they were wearing this, even their dads were using it went i bumped into them at the pub and during shooting. For everyone that says this is a clubbing fragrance, bubble gum smell, for the younger guys, etc etc. I really pick up sweet bubble gum from top to mid, but then it goes into a perfect woody bubble gum. One of the reviewers beneath said anyway, gum the overwhelming popularity of this smell, delight will subsist revered in years to appear since one of the classics. I think there may be very light woodsy notes, just adding a bit of texture. The smell is very synthetically dense as it reminds me of old sweet, warm, spicy dense smells of the late eighties. Most people overspray it, wear it all the time incl. This is really crisp and sour, almost cooling. Some people love cilantro, and some people think it tastes like soap.